25 years...

Established in 1998, Juice is proud to partner with some of the world’s most ambitious brands. Cultivating long-standing relationships, we are committed to accelerating ambitions and creating instrumental partnerships that allow individuals to fulfil their full potential.

Core Values


Walk into any Juice office and you will soon see, feel and hear what makes us different!

From our honest, open and collaborative approach, to our passion, enthusiasm and love for what we do, the team is future focussed, to ensure it brings together the most ambitious talent with smart and exciting opportunities.

a little bit about us

Each of our talent specialists are amazing in their own right, but together, they are, what makes Juice such a creative and unique place to work.
We are a tight knit bunch with a shared vision of consistently delivering great results for both candidates and clients.


Back in 1998, CEO & Founder, Emma Summers was struck by a home truth!

Recruitment was not focussed on people or careers but more on supply, demand and getting the job done!

Something had to be done to remedy the bad habits of the industry.

A solution? A different way of thinking…one that was focussed on people…trust…a sense of belonging and a community!

Emma’s mission was to create a company that looked and felt very different in its experience, branding culture, ethos and values.

What started as a logo and a set of core values, has become a well-known, highly recognised and well-respected agency representing many of the UK’s leading brands.

Juice’s evolution continues with MD, Vicky Kingston, who’s ambitious, future focussed thinking is bringing together smart and creative talent to exceptional businesses.

Vicky understands the importance of team collaboration and spends time working with individuals to create effective talent and hiring strategies to further the businesses strategic objectives.

who we work with

We partner with and represent many of the world’s most iconic brands. Together, we have successfully attracted truly exceptional talent which has allowed them to be cutting edge and future focussed. Here are a few of our partners…
Ecotricity Ethical Home Leisure Direct Interaction MediaClash Middletons
Pro Cook Bechtle Zest Sales Lettings Barons Eden Hetas Roper Rhodes

how are we doing

Life @TeamJuice

There is never a quiet moment @TeamJuice. Check out our gallery to see our latest social media posts highlighting our number one recent moments, company-wide socials and going’s on in all of our offices.


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