The importance of a happy team!

Just a quarter of employees feel good about their career in their current company, study suggests. A poll carried out earlier this year revealed the majority of those looking for a new job were interested in external roles, but only a third knew how to progress in their career at their current company. Only 25% of employees felt confident about their career progression at their current organisation.

The research also found that fewer than one in three knew how to progress in their current career over the next five years and 50% said their manager tailors feedback based on the role they want to move into.

94% of employees said it was more or equally important now than before the pandemic to develop skills outside of their roles. More than 35% said they left their employer for better career progression opportunities.

Are your employees aware of the various ways in which they can progress within their careers? Facilitating employee career growth is critical for retention and for your employee value proposition.

The research found that investment in tools such as internal networking opportunities and other career support, such as job shadowing, and discussion around career goals, boosted employees’ confidence in their careers by 31%.

Vicky Kingston, MD of Juice says, ‘It’s important for managers to provide regular feedback to employees,  one-to-one meetings can be a great way to discuss performance, give honest feedback, and talk about the best ways to develop and grow. Providing your team with tools such as internal networking opportunities and other career support, such as job shadowing, and discussion around career development action plans, will really boost employees’ confidence but more importantly their engagement and longevity within your organisation’.

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(Research by Gartner, 3,300 employees surveyed in March 2022)

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