The top ten hot careers for the New Year

The UK is back to work and talent is in high demand!

You could be choosing your university subjects or wondering how you can make more out of the experience, knowledge and expertise you have gained to date?

If you are looking to make your experience count, let’s look at the highest-paying roles that are creating the fastest career opportunities and hiring the most in the New Year.

The skills and experience recruiters will look for now – and in the future, will be based on factors such as population, urbanization, economic activity and upward trends.

So, to find out if it’s time to retrain for future success, here are the 10 best careers to go into in the New Year…

  1. Healthcare Professionals
    • As people live longer, we will need doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and also physiotherapy assistants to look after us. But as medicines and living conditions improve, chances are we’ll live our golden years in good health. Counsellors will help us learn, work and stay culturally aware in our 80s and 90s.
  2. Engineers
    • More and more people are moving back to cities to work and live. To accommodate them, we’ll need electrical engineers to wire our smart homes, civil engineers to design our roads, software engineers to connect streetlights to the internet, and environmental engineers to power them which is why this industry needs more engineers in order to evolve.
  3. Teachers
    • The future workforce will need a wide knowledge base as well as specialist skills. This means we’ll need people to teach subjects such as English Language, Maths and the Sciences to prepare candidates for future jobs.
  4. Creatives
    • Designers, marketers and writers will all benefit from new digital technology and easy access to roles. They’ll get creative with roles, too. Game Designers, for example, have systems skills to show societies how to thrive with new technology. Its an exciting time if you are looking to enter the creative arena.
  5. Data Scientists
    • According to research from Glassdoor, Data Scientists are the fifth most in demand jobs in the UK offering salaries pushing up against £50,000p/a. This might not come as much of a surprise. The modern internet is awash with data so understanding and analysing that data requires proficiency in a few different programs, many of which are household names. MS Excel for example is super powerful and if you can really get to grips with it, you’ll be highly desirable to employers.
  6. Software Developers
    • Our world is increasingly built on software. A career in software development could be highly satisfying and also highly lucrative. You could be responsible for the next TikTok or YouTube; more likely, you’ll have a hand in creating one of the thousands of lesser-known programs that serve many different purposes.
  7. Supply Chain Professionals
    • The Covid 19 pandemic accelerated the shift towards home delivery meaning that the global logistics industry is hungrier than ever before. The world is more interconnected now than ever so a modern product might be developed using materials and expertise from dozens of different countries. Having a complete understanding of modern supply chains and how they work will give businesses efficient savings and are therefore in great demand.
  8. Salespeople
    • Sales people have the originality, flexibility and management skills recruiters will look for in the future. As urbanisation continues and high-street stores revive, shoppers will want to talk to actual, real people. Bad news for self-checkout bots.
  9. Hospitality and Catering Professionals
    • As people crave new dining and flavour experiences, the food and drinks industry will boom. Chefs, bartenders and baristas tick the most in-demand skills for future employment: with originality, flexibility and management skills.
  10. Skilled Tradespeople
    • Automation will impact manual work jobs but rest assured, tradespeople are safe for now as we see key trades such as plumbers, electricians, builders and painters in high demand.

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