Top 5 benefits of using a talent agency

It is said that the beginning of the year is the most popular time for job seekers to start looking for new opportunities and the team at Juice, most definitely agree!

People tend to re-evaluate their jobs (and lives in general) when a new year starts and this can be such a positive, healthy and often liberating thing to do.

If you are considering changing jobs, we would recommend you to start looking now as there will be more competition the longer you wait. Let your recruitment agency help you…. use their knowledge, experience and most importantly contacts to open doors for you into avenues that you may have not thought of or ever experienced.

What are you waiting for…. check out the reasons why to get in touch today….

  1. It’s Free!!!!
    • Letting us help you find a job is completely free of charge. There are no hidden fees! The companies we recruit for pay us an introduction fee so there is no cost to you whatsoever.
  1. A Weight Off Your Shoulders….
    • Let us do the work for you…. Instead of spending countless hours on the job boards and amending your CV and covering letter to every application, our expertise and knowledge can guide you to applying for that all important new opportunity. You will be put forward for suitable roles but only after you’ve been briefed and we know you are interested.
  1. We Know….
    • When counting the years of recruitment experience the teams have across Juice, it runs into triple digits! We know our markets and how to source great talent for that perfect opportunity. From breaking into new industry sectors to recruiting expertise, we work hard to understand you, your requirements and what that perfect opportunity looks like! 
  1. We Hear About It First….
    • As a talent agency, we have built long lasting relationships with the brands we partner with. Through continual communication, we often know the opportunities our partners have before they do themselves. This is why we always love to hear from amazing talent for that next exciting opportunity. That’s why you need to be on our radar so we can be on yours! 
  1. A Smart Approach….
    • You may feel productive if you apply for 20 jobs in a day but its probably better to ask the question…. are these jobs relevant to your experience and going to fulfil your true and real potential. Our talent specialists will take the time to ensure we have a clear sense of who you are. We want to establish your ambitions, what sort of working environment you will thrive in and what is most important to you in your new role. By doing this, we will be able to discuss and suggest great opportunities with you…. it just makes sense!
  1. We’re Here For You….
    • The team will be right beside you every step of the way. From guiding you through your initial application to those all important questions to ask at first and second interview, we know what to expect and can prepare you to think smart and be the best you. Strengthening your skills along the way, we provide constructive feedback so those sometime grey areas will become perfectly clear and easy to navigate. Our aim is to bring the best talent to those perfect opportunities…. its what makes the magic!
  1. Keep In Touch….
    • Juice is about people, relationships and longevity. In our 25 year history, we have never wanted to be thought of as a one-off support system. We want to be there for you throughout your career and whenever you need us. Add us to your LinkedIn profile and we’ll add you to ours. This way we can all stay in touch and track our exciting careers and growth together.

If you are actively looking for a new opportunity, or you maybe curious to have a browse to see what else is out there – click here to see our current vacancies, or click here to send us your CV.

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